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Environmental Audit Services

PEC has extensive experience performing field audits or site assessments to determine the extent of potential contamination on specific properties. These services have been performed for many banking clients, industrial and commercial property owners, residential developers, private individuals including homeowners, and municipalities seeking Green Acres funding.

Site Assessments

PEC performed Phase I environmental site assessments and Preliminary Assessments (PA) for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in conformance with the recommended practices set forth by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), the USEPA’s Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries (40 CFR Part 312), and the NJDEP regulations. The environmental site assessments addressed potential sources of contamination and existing environmental problems on-site, and were performed for clients looking to sell, purchase, finance or refinance the subject properties, as well as for real estate companies, property managers and perspective buyers. The Phase I audits are performed in a step-wise fashion in conformance with ASTM and USEPA practices, including an on-site inspection, historical site information reviews, and regulatory agency list reviews for each property in question, as well as adjacent properties with known or suspected environmental problems. Onsite inspections include visual identification of previous or ongoing releases of hazardous materials, above or underground storage tanks and uses, electrical transformers and other equipment, on-site waste disposal practices, wastewater discharges, dry wells/drainage systems, air emissions and other recognized environmental concerns such as asbestos materials or lead paint in buildings.