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Noise Quality Services

PEC has expertise in general noise assessments for a wide variety of applications and is able to provide a full range of noise services in the following areas:

Noise Modelling

PEC has applied a wide range of the latest State and Federal screening and noise prediction models for assessing noise impacts from construction, transportation, recreational, commercial and industrial sources. All models as well as several spreadsheet programs developed in-house for noise impact analyses and noise barrier design calculations are run on state-of-the-art computer systems. PEC has expertise in use of the available models to predict potential noise impacts from various sources and to evaluate mitigation measures on a cost effective basis.

Noise Monitoring

PEC has performed monitoring programs for the determination of noise impacts for both new developments and facility improvement projects. These projects have involved recreational, commercial, and industrial activities to determine the major noise sources and methods of mitigation required to comply with both federal and state regulations and local noise ordinances. PEC has in-house noise equipment for measuring instantaneous broadband as well as the octave band sound levels to meet the certification requirements of review agencies. Noise monitoring programs have been designed and implemented for many applications, examples of which include:

Noise Mitigation

Most projects involving noise complaints require monitoring to evaluate the noise sources, impact assessment, and the evaluation of required mitigation measures. PEC can determine mitigation effectiveness through the use of noise modelling programs and general design concepts and recommend cost effective engineering controls. PEC has the expertise to determine feasible noise mitigation measures to reduce receptor impacts from external noise sources as well as the control of noise levels at the source.

Noise Ordinance Development

PEC has worked with local jurisdictions in the development of noise ordinances for the control of recreational activities (e.g. racetracks), construction equipment operations, and zoning for industrial, residential and noise sensitive areas. PEC has developed ordinance modifications that are both defensible in court as well as practical for enforcement.