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Air Quality Services

PEC has the technical expertise to perform a full range of services in the following areas:

Air Quality Modelling

PEC has performed project evaluations to determine carbon monoxide, fugitive dust and point source impacts. PEC has expertise using a wide range of air quality screening and impact models for assessing impacts from mobile, area and point sources of pollution. All model analyses are performed on State-of-the-Art computer systems using applicable Federal and State guidelines, and experience in performing modelling on a wide range of applications in both urban and rural environments involving simple and complex terrain.

Air Quality Assessments

PEC has utilized many air quality dispersion model programs for difficult applications covering both mobile and stationary sources. Some of the more difficult projects involved odor impact assessments from diesel exhaust emissions on neighboring communities, multi-level parking garage impacts from vehicle emissions on adjacent residential buildings, impacts from fugitive emissions during construction, evaluation of the indoor air quality and ventilation air flow problems for a major automobile manufacturer, and modelling of impacts due to stack emissions from a fertilizer manufacturing plant in complex terrain.

Air Emission Permit Applications

PEC has assisted many manufacturing, commercial and industrial clients in obtaining both federal and state permits. These projects have involved the preparation of permit applications for equipment ranging from simple fugitive dust emissions to more complex manufacturing processes. PEC has a working knowledge of the State and Federal regulations and guidelines for large facility applications.